Local ANZAC Day services and events

Southsiders will be commemorating ANZAC Day at a range of services and events this year. You can find local information here.



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Terri Butler calls on Malcolm Turnbull to stop local TAFE cuts

Australia’s TAFE, apprenticeship and skills sector is facing massive cuts under the Turnbull Government that will leave students in Queensland more than $105 million worse off every year.

Today, Labor member for Griffith, Terri Butler, is calling in Malcolm Turnbull to step in and stop these cuts in the May budget.

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Four years on, still waiting for the NBN

Four years ago today, Malcolm Turnbull stood up with his then leader, Tony Abbott, to promisethat all Australians would have access to minimum speeds on the National Broadband Network by the end of 2016.

What a hoax that turned out to be. We’re 99 days into 2017 and 7 million households and businesses are still waiting. 

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Turnbull cuts FTBA to 5,134 families in Griffith

Around 5,134 Family Tax Benefit A (FTBA) families in Griffith will be worse off from 1 July this year because of Malcolm Turnbull’s $1.4 billion in cuts to Family Tax Benefits.

This includes 4,171 Family Tax Benefit B (FTB B) families in our community who rely on just one income.

By freezing Family Tax Benefit payment rates the Turnbull Government is leaving 1.5 million families, including millions of children, around Australia worse off. 

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Opposing Mr Turnbull's trickle down nonsense

I spoke against Mr Turnbull's trickle-down fantasy. Big tax cuts for the top end of town will worsen the deficit, at the same time as Mr Turnbull is asking families to tighten their belts.

Read the speech below.

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Cleaning up safely after Cyclone Debbie

Queenslanders who are preparing to clean up after Cyclone Debbie and related rains are urged to be careful, especially around solar panels or buildings where asbestos may be present.

Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni said electricity and water is a dangerous combination, especially where buildings may have been damaged by the cyclone.

“As well as the danger posed by downed power lines, flood waters can pose electrical risk where buildings are still connected to mains power,” Mr de Brenni said.

“If your home or business becomes inundated with floodwater and the mains power is still connected, contact Ergon Energy immediately on 13 22 96 to arrange disconnection.”

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Training, education and healthcare challenges for the Griffith electorate

I spoke in the Parliament about the challenges facing the Griffith electorate in the months and years ahead.

"Kids are not getting the same opportunities, and one really important thing that we can do to make sure that young people are able to be equipped for the jobs of the future is to really focus on education. That means dealing with vocational education and training. That means doing something about the funding arrangements for schools, which are so unfair and unrealistic in this country and are leading to some schools been much worse off than others, when that just should not be the case. It means doing something about access to university, and not making it harder for people to go to university if that is what they want to do. And, at the very, very front end, it means a focus on early learning, education and care."

Read my speech below.

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Creating an effects test won't deliver for small business.

"When we heard the 'jobs and growth' slogan during the last federal election, who knew ... that what the Prime Minister was really talking about was jobs for lawyers and growth in litigation? That is what the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Misuse of Market Power) Bill 2016 delivers."

Read my speech below.

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President Trump's Global Gag Rule will harm women in developing countries

Complications arising from pregnancy, childbirth and terminations of pregnancy result in around 830 maternal deaths per day in developing countries. President Trump's Global Gag Rule will make things worse.

Read my speech below.

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Walkley Media Incubation and Innovation Fund

The Walkley Foundation has launched two exciting opportunities for innovation in journalism that we would like to invite you to enter.

The first is for all working journalists, editors or producers. We have partnered with Coder Factory Academy, an accredited coding educator, to offer ten full scholarships for news professionals to learn how to code and build apps. Five scholarships are available in Sydney and five in Melbourne at this stage.

Find out details and apply for the coding scholarships here.

The second is for people who have an idea or are working on a journalism project: our Media Incubator and Innovation Fund is now open for entries. We are giving away grants of up to $35,000 to the most promising ideas, as well as access to training from exceptional media and startup mentors.

Find out details and apply here for the innovation grants here.

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