Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Turnbull cutting $28.86 million out of Metro South's public hospitals

Surgeries will be delayed, nurse and doctor numbers will decline and emergency department wait times will increase in Metro South, with the Turnbull Government cutting $28.86 million from local public hospitals from 2017-2020.

Mr Turnbull is cutting hundreds of millions out of Australia’s public hospitals between 2017- 2020, with Metro South's cut of $28.86 million equivalent to 8,014 cataract surgeries or 1,109 knee replacements.

Every public hospital in Metro South will be worse off, with the PAH alone losing  $13.08 million. 

Terri Butler MP said that it says it all about Mr Turnbull’s priorities, that he is happy to give big business a tax handout but won’t properly fund the Southside's public hospitals and give locals the health care they need.

“Every dollar cut from our local public hospitals is a dollar cut from our sickest and most vulnerable patients,” Terri Butler said.

“Our community isn’t going to our public hospitals because they want something to do – they are there because they desperately need health care to get back on their feet.

“They’re people waiting for hip surgery, knee replacements, and dealing with life-threatening health issues.
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140,000 apprentices lost under the Liberals and Nationals - Hanson's deal for 1000 is a joke

Pauline Hanson’s deal to deliver $65 billion in tax cuts for the big end of town in exchange for 1000 apprenticeships is a pathetic con job. Hanson has sold out the battlers she pretends to stand up for.
Since the Liberals and Nationals came to government Australia has lost over 140,000 apprenticeships - a decline of over 35 percent.
There have been more than 864 apprenticeships lost in the electorate of Griffith alone under this government.
One Nation have been bought off with an empty promise to replace less than one per cent off the apprenticeships that have been lost under the LNP government.
The Turnbull government has no plan to arrest the decline in apprentice numbers. 
The 2017 Budget cut a further $637 million from TAFE training and apprenticeships and their proposed ‘Skilling Australians Fund’ – supposed to deliver 300,000 apprenticeships - has been widely panned as unworkable.
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Morningside State School P&C Treasurer Role

Morningside State School P&C's AGM

Morningside State School P&C’s Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday, March 21st at 7pm in the School’s Resource Centre.

The current P&C Committee is hard working, has fun fulfilling their roles and are proud to be a part of a thriving school community.

Recently, the P&C has contributed to a new shade sail for a large playground on the school Oval, a new playground for the prep children and they continue to ensure that the school’s classrooms have air conditioning, important as new rooms have been added as the school continues to grow.

The Committee also put on a lot of events throughout the school year and often open these up to the wider community and to other local volunteer-run organisations.

Could Morningside State School P&C Treasurer be the role for you?

As a local community member, a role on their P&C Committee may be of interest to you. In particular, the school is looking for a Treasurer and thought that the role might suit a grandparent or retiree.

MSS current Treasurer, David Furze, has done a fantastic job over the last year and has put a lot of processes in place that have made the role far more manageable. However, he will not be nominating for the position again this year. As the role is critical to the operation of the P&C, we are hoping to have conversations with those interested in the position in advance of our AGM on Wednesday, March 21st.

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