10,000 to miss out on a uni place because of Liberals' cuts - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

10,000 to miss out on a uni place because of Liberals' cuts

With Catherine King MP

Data released today by Universities Australia indicates that 10,000 people could miss out on a uni place this year because of Malcolm Turnbull’s $2.2 billion of cuts. 

This is a cruel blow to the thousands of Year 12 graduates who studied so hard to get into uni.  

In 2017, Labor blocked the Liberals’ uni cuts in the Senate.  But just a few weeks ago Malcolm Turnbull by-passed the Parliament and announced billions of dollars in back door uni cuts instead.

Mr Turnbull’s $2.2 billion of cuts effectively puts a cap on the number of uni places – taking us back to the bad old days of John Howard.

Regional unis will be hit particularly hard by the cuts, because they rely more heavily on government funding.

It just shows that the Liberals have never cared about strengthening unis, helping students, or preparing our economy for the future.  They’re just after Budget savings.  

If it’s Budget savings the Liberals want, Labor can help.

 Instead of cutting unis, how about the Liberals:

  • Dump their big business tax cut - $65 billion saved.
  • Dump their tax cut for people on more than $180K a year - $19 billion saved.
  • Crack down on negative gearing and capital gains tax concession – $37 billion saved.

That’s well more than $100 billion saved, without breaking a sweat.

Malcolm Turnbull is robbing students to pay multinationals and millionaires.

What kind of Prime Minister wants to make it easier for big business to pay less tax, but harder for people to go to uni?

His priorities are all wrong.

Everything Mr Turnbull does puts uni further out of reach.

It’s part of the war Malcolm Turnbull is waging on young people.  He wants to make it harder to go to uni, harder to buy a house, harder to start a family, harder to get ahead.

Labor threw open the doors to uni, the Liberals have slammed them shut.


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