1800RESPECT Under Time Crunch - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Media Release - 1800RESPECT Under Time Crunch

Last night in Senate Estimates the Department of Social Services confirmed  they are satisfied four days is sufficient time for Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (RDVSA) to submit a lengthy and time consuming Expression of Interest to continue their contract with 1800RESPECT.


RDVSA has been providing specialised trauma counselling to clients of 1800RESPECT since its inception in 2010.


On Tuesday 13 February Medibank Health Solutions (with whom the Government has a contract to manage the 1800RESPECT service) advised RDVSA that they had to complete an expression of interest by 3pm that Friday (17 February).



SENATOR PRATT: So you think four days is enough?


DR BAXTER (DSS): We are given to understand from conversations we’ve had with MHS that they sought probity advice about what is appropriate for this very first registration of interest stage and that the four days really reflects the amount of work that was required to fill out the form.


Minister Porter must now confirm if he agrees with his Department’s assessment that a four day turn around for an extensive and detailed expression of interest process is appropriate.



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