1.7 Million Low Income Australians will lose the Energy Supplement - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

1.7 Million Low Income Australians will lose the Energy Supplement

Pensioners and veterans are among the 1.7 million people who will lose the energy supplement, if Malcolm Turnbull gets his way.

1.7 million low income Australians will lose the Energy Supplement according to the Department of Social Services. 

“It’s estimated that by 30 June 2020, 1.7 million income support recipients and DVA clients will not receive the Energy Supplement.” - Department of Social Services, Senate Estimates, 2 March 2017 

If the Turnbull Government’s proposed cuts to the Energy Supplement pass the Senate, Australians already battling on low incomes will be hundreds of dollars a year worse off.

For pensioners this will be a cut of $14.10 per fortnight to single pensioners or $365 a year. Couple pensioners will be $21.20 a fortnight worse off or around $550 a year worse off.

Australians on Newstart also face a cut - a single person on Newstart would lose $8.80 per fortnight or around $220 a year.

Labor cannot support cuts that punish pensioners, people with disability, carers and Newstart recipients.

We will vote against the abolition of the Energy Supplement in the Senate. 

Labor continues to call on Senate crossbenchers to rule out voting for scrapping the Energy Supplement. 

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  • Robert McCallum
    commented 2017-03-09 18:35:40 +1000
    Can’t say I’m surprised. This PM’s has already shaken down all the rest of our community. From students to parents and from carers to workers. Now the PM is shaking down pensioners for their Energy Supplements. “The lights are on, but there’s nobody home” is saying which suits such a plan. As with rising energy costs and plans like this, soon there might be people home with no lights on.

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