Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Family violence: the Turnbull government needs to get better at delivery

To respond to family violence, the Turnbull government needs to get better at delivery. Announcements are not enough. The government's actions, in relation to family violence, are not living up to the Prime Minister's words.

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Memo to Mr Morrison: Southsiders don't want weaker planning laws

Scott Morrison's radical plans to urge local and state governments to weaken planning laws show how out of touch the Turnbull government is, Terri Butler said.
"What a pathetic performance from Scott Morrison," Terri Butler said.
"Treasurer, if you think that the answer to housing affordability is open slather development in inner suburbs - you are wrong.

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Turnbull should stop being coy and commit to Cross River Rail

The Turnbull Government must commit funding to Brisbane's Cross River Rail, which is an essential project to reduce congestion in this growing city.

Today's announcement of a measly $10 million is just another excuse to put off committing to the project.

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