Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

The Turnbull govt wants open slather development

Scott Morrison wants planning laws weakened. I disagree. I talked about this issue and others with Kristina Kenneally and Peter van Onselen on Sky.



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I voted against the plebiscite bill

Yesterday, the government's wasteful, expensive, divisive, harmful and unnecessary plebiscite was put to a vote in the House of Representatives.

I'm proud to have voted against the bill.

My speech calling for marriage equality, earlier this year, can be found here:


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The jobs of the future

"I know that it can be scary. It can be worrying for a parent; I am a parent myself. My kids are six and four, and Troy and I often worry about the jobs that our kids will have access to in the future when they are a bit older. I know that it is very concerning for a parent to try to look into the future and guess what sorts of jobs are going to exist and what sorts of skills the kids are going to need in order to have those jobs. But that is a reason to be bolder, not more cautious. It is a reason to press ahead with reform, not retreat to the idea that we just close our eyes and hope that things might not change. That is not going to work. We have to embrace the opportunities that are going to be brought by the new and emerging economy. That includes the necessity of thinking about how innovation policy can support high-growth firms that can create jobs."

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