Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

High Household Debt Hits Household Budgets

Abbott Government Budget measures would put further cost of living pressure on households already struggling with high levels of household debt, Terri Butler MP said.

New research by finder.com.au has found that household debt on credit cards and personal loans has reached over $101 billion.

“Households are already struggling to make ends meet. The Abbott Government’s unfair policies make the situation even worse,” Terri Butler said.

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Submission to the data retention bill inquiry

The data retention bill is controversial. It's proposed that carriers and carriage service providers retain all customers' metadata for two years. The government hasn't pinned down the exact dataset which will determine the data to be retained, and it doesn't have a clear idea of how much this will all cost. I've made a submission to the inquiry into the bill, raising these and other issues.

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Abbott’s back down welcome but the fight for Medicare is not over

The Health Minister’s back down on changes to Medicare rebates is a win for patients and doctors but the fight for Medicare is not over, Terri Butler MP said.

“The community will welcome the Abbott Government’s sudden back down on their savage cuts to the Medicare rebate. However, the Prime Minister is still committed to taxing families when they visit the GP,” Terri Butler said.

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