Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Butler releases Aircraft Noise Survey results and renews call for a curfew

Terri Butler MP has renewed her call for a trial curfew, or at the least limits on traffic volumes, along with new noise insulation measures, to deal with aircraft noise.

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Cuts to dental health

Ms BUTLER (Griffith) (14:46):  My question is to the Prime Minister. Before the election, the Prime Minister said there would be no cuts to health. But the Prime Minister is cutting $390 million from public dental programs that Australians, including pensioners, rely on. No matter what deal the Prime Minister pieces together this week, why should Australians suffer for the Prime Minister's broken promises?

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The environment is a matter of public importance

Regarding the Coalition's Emissions Reduction Fund: "There will be no requirement to reduce emissions. There will be no cap on emissions. There will be payments to polluters. Why would the so-called Minister for the Environment want to introduce such a policy when the obvious difficulties with it are there for everybody to see?"

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