Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Pensioners, families in Griffith will pay for broken promises

Pensioners, families and young people will pay for the Abbott Government’s broken promises in last night’s budget, Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP said.

“The people of Griffith have every right to feel betrayed by this Budget of broken promises and twisted priorities,” Ms Butler said.

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The confected crisis

If, as predicted, a GP tax is included in tonight's budget then the Liberals and the Nationals will understand very quickly how people feel about that change to Medicare. They will understand very quickly the backlash to the GP tax, not to mention the petrol tax, the personal tax increase, the failure to fund education as they had promised—the broken promises from a Prime Minister who claimed he would have no excuses

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Abbott failing our youth with cuts to job programs

Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP has called on the Abbott government to keep programs that fight youth unemployment, ahead of today’s budget.

“The Federal Government delivers three youth programs - Youth Connections, Partnership Brokers and National Career Development - and the Abbott Government looks set to slash all three in the budget,” Ms Butler said.

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