Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Make revenge porn a crime

No one wants private images sent around to their friends, family or workmates without their consent. So called “revenge porn” occurs when someone shares or threatens to share private sexual images or recordings of someone else, usually a current or former partner, without their consent.

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Matt Foley's Tribute to Wayne Goss

At the 2015 Labor state conference in Queensland, the Hon Matt Foley, a former minister, gave a moving tribute to former Premier and Labor leader the Hon Wayne Goss.

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Tony Abbott holding Australia back on marriage equality

Tony Abbott's ploys to stop marriage equality are dividing not only his own party but the country, Terri Butler said.

Terri Butler seconded the cross party bill for marriage equality when Warren Entsch moved it in the House of Representatives today.

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How do you care for your children?

How do you care for your children? It's a question male MPs are never asked. My thoughts on the subject, and on the continued need for affirmative action, published in Women's Agenda on 3 August 2015.

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Talking about the border force legislation

I've had a few emails about the Border Force Act. Unfortunately some of reporting in relation to this legislation has left out some important details. I've had the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with a medical students' association, who wrote to me about the legislation on 16 July. Our exchange follows, for those interested.

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Opinion Piece - Let's wed change

The best time to remove discrimination in marriage was already. The second best time is as soon as possible. People across this nation are asking parliamentarians to get our act together. It is well past time to get this done.

This is not about which political party you support. People from across the political landscape support marriage equality. They may do so because of a belief in liberty, or a belief in fairness. They may do so because they have friends or family who wish to marry, but can’t. This is an issue that crosses party lines.

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Coalition should stop making excuses on marriage equality

The Coalition should stop making excuses on marriage equality and debate the cross-party bill in their party room, according to the bill’s seconder, Labor MP Terri Butler.

“When Labor tabled our bill in May, Mr Abbott said ‘If our parliament were to make a big decision on a matter such as this, it ought to be owned by the parliament and not by any particular party’,” Terri Butler said.

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Butler supports marriage equality bill

Terri Butler MP intends to second a Bill for marriage equality.

“During the last sitting of Parliament I signed a document stating my intention to second a Bill for marriage equality,” she said.

“The bill is a cross-party Bill.

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World Tuberculosis Day

Terri spoke about World Tuberculosis Day in March 2015.

"Over two billion people are currently infected with the tuberculosis bacteria. Not everyone who is exposed to tuberculosis will get sick, because most healthy people are able to fight off the bacteria. But people with compromised immune systems, such as people who are undernourished, have diabetes or are living with HIV, have a much higher risk of developing active tuberculosis."

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What's in the Budget?

Terri made a brief statement on Budget Day, 2015.

"What it will do for living standards for Australian people, what it will do for jobs and what it will do for the future economic security of our nation?"


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