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Prepared remarks - AMA Queensland Council of Doctors in Training

"The Liberal National government wanted to take away unfair dismissal rights. They wanted to take away dispute resolution rights.  They wanted to allow managers to interfere in clinical care.  They wanted to interfere with professional development leave. They wanted to interfere with rights of private practice.

And most of all the Liberal National government wanted to take away collective bargaining – because they know that that is where employed doctors’ power comes from. Just like all other employees, doctors have more power when their power is exercised collectively. The whole is more than the sum of its parts."


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Brisbane’s South Side is the lastest victim of broken promises on the NBN

The electorate of Griffith is not on the NBN rollout map just released by NBN Co and will be stuck with poor broadband quality and access until at least 2016, Terri Butler MP said. 

“That is despite Malcolm Turnbull promising that areas that had the poorest broadband like suburbs on Brisbane’s South Side would get the NBN first,” Ms Butler said.

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Letter to the Defence Minister regarding Bulimba Barracks

The following is a letter to the Defence Minister regarding the Bulimba Barracks. 

You can download it as a pdf here.

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Government must rule out stealth GP, pathology and imaging taxes

Treasurer Joe Hockey has failed to rule out introducing, by stealth, the government’s highly unpopular and controversial new taxes on GP visits, pathology tests and imaging. 

Fran Kelly: Are you planning to do that, to introduce it without legislation?

Hockey: I am not speculating on what the outcome is.

                                                                       ABC Radio National 13 November 2014

Member for Griffith Terri Butler said this latest development showed the Abbott government’s arrogance, and the contempt it had for parliamentary process.

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Abbott’s $2.2 billion cost of living ambush on households

From today, Australians will pay more for petrol, after the Abbott Government’s petrol tax ambush.

And there are more increases to come, on 1 February and 1 August next year.

The indexation of the petrol tax to CPI by the Abbott Government means Australians will pay around $19 billion more for petrol over the next decade.

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Draft Kurilpa Master Plan Submission

This submission is about the controversial draft Kurilpa Master Plan. It calls for greater consultation. It also endorses the concerns of residents and my fellow representatives Jackie Trad MP and Cr Helen Abrahams.

You can download my submission (as a pdf) here

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Superannuation motion

Tony Abbott is freezing superannuation guarantee increases. That's a broken promise that will leave people, particularly younger people, much worse off when they retire. Mr Abbott argues that the money will be in people's pockets, not locked away in super. Apart from being completely irresponsible, that argument is just not correct. For example, workers on enterprise agreements can't just make a claim for more pay, to make up for the lost super. I've moved a motion in the House to deal with this issue.

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Our community must stand together against religious vilification

A prosperous and diverse nation like ours is no place for religious vilification, Terri Butler MP has said. 

“Religiously-motivated attacks and abuse are unacceptable,” Ms Butler said.

The Federal Member for Griffith, responding to reports of a number of incidents directed at members of the Islamic community on Brisbane’s South Side, said Queensland had laws against religious vilification, and that people should continue to treat each other with respect and kindness.

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Labor’s Cost of Living Committee launched in Hobart

Labor’s new national Cost of Living Committee has been launched in Hobart today.

Committee chair, the Member for Griffith and Senator Sam Dastyari said the Cost of Living committee will hear from people, charities and community organisations across the country about the rising cost of living in Australia.

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PC Early childhood and childcare inquiry further submission



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