Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Butler supports marriage equality bill

Terri Butler MP intends to second a Bill for marriage equality.

“During the last sitting of Parliament I signed a document stating my intention to second a Bill for marriage equality,” she said.

“The bill is a cross-party Bill.

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World Tuberculosis Day

Terri spoke about World Tuberculosis Day in March 2015.

"Over two billion people are currently infected with the tuberculosis bacteria. Not everyone who is exposed to tuberculosis will get sick, because most healthy people are able to fight off the bacteria. But people with compromised immune systems, such as people who are undernourished, have diabetes or are living with HIV, have a much higher risk of developing active tuberculosis."

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What's in the Budget?

Terri made a brief statement on Budget Day, 2015.

"What it will do for living standards for Australian people, what it will do for jobs and what it will do for the future economic security of our nation?"


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Pharmacies need certainty

On 13 May 2015, Terri made a brief statement about community pharmacy businesses' need for certainty.

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Legal rights for those in privately-run detention centres

On 13 May 2015, Terri spoke in the debate on a bill that would have the effective of reducing legal rights for people in privately-run detention centres.

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Bill's Budget Reply Speech

Bill Shorten gave a great, visionary, future-focussed Budget Reply speech. 

You can read and listen to it here.

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Future Smart Australia

Find out about Labor's FutureSmart plan here.

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Labor publishes Women's Budget Reply

Labor has published its 2015 Women's Budget Reply.

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Centenary of ANZAC Address

It was an honour to give the ANZAC Day address on the Centenary of ANZAC at the Bulimba ceremony.

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Labor’s plan for fair, sustainable Super

Labor has announced a policy that will ensure Australia’s retirement savings system is fair and sustainable into the future, Terri Butler MP said.

“Saving $14.3 billion over 10 years, these changes are good for fairness and they are good for the Budget,” Terri Butler said.

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