International tax agreements legislation

The way that we can manage our tax evasion directly affects the budget, as we have been talking about to date. This government has tried to manufacture a budget emergency. They have now downgraded that to a so-called budget mess, but the fact is that when you come to office and you take about a year to start to address tax evasion people are going to raise their eyebrows when you claim that there are expenditure problems in the Australian budget. 

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Congratulations on the 50th - Seton College

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary, Seton College. Speech made on 1 September 2014.

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Abbott government waters down consumer protections

Labor has always been the party of consumer protection. Labor has always been the party saying: 'There are plenty of interests in our community; how about the interests of consumers when it comes to weighing the protections that can be offered?'

Speech made 27 August 2014

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Don't make family day care more expensive!

Don't cut family day care! Parents can't afford an extra $34.50 per week, per child for full time care. Speech to the House on 26 August 2014.

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The Community forces Abbott backdown on 18C

The community has made it clear to the Abbott Government that racism has no place in modern Australia, Terri Butler MP said.

“I welcome the news today that the Government’s changes to the Racial Discrimination Act will be scrapped,” Ms Butler said.

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Abbott’s Kindergarten Funding Uncertainty Leaves Southside Families in Limbo

The Abbott Government has left Southside families in limbo by refusing to confirm Federal kindergarten funding from next year.

Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, Kate Ellis, and Member for Griffith, Terri Butler, visited the C&K Harty Street Kindergarten in Coorparoo today, which relies on Federal kindergarten funding to deliver high quality early education to local children.

The Abbott Government is refusing to guarantee Federal kindergarten funding from next year, which currently ensures four-year-olds can access 15 hours of education in the year before school.

“Without this Federal money, kindergarten hours will be slashed, fees will rise and services could be forced to close their doors,” Kate Ellis said.

“The Government is refusing to give local families certainty, despite the Productivity Commission last week warning the Federal Government against cuts to kindergarten funding,” Kate Ellis said.

“Funding uncertainty is taking its toll on local families and services right now,” Terri Butler said.

“This has already dragged on for months and months – parents and their children deserve a lot better. Kindergartens don’t know if they can enrol new students, they can’t plan next year’s budget, and parents have no certainty about their work arrangements.”

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Gough's 98th birthday

[Speech to the Kawana Branch annual celebration of Gough Whitlam's birthday.]

That great Labor Reformer, Gough Whitlam, has turned 98.  It’s an honour to again wish him a happy birthday.


As Gough has always done, let’s continue to modernise and reform our party and our platform. The Australian people need us to be a party of government. We must not let them down.

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Tony Abbott Should Dump His Extravagant PPL Scheme

In the wake of the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report, Terri Butler MP says Tony Abbott should dump his unfair and extravagant Paid Parental Leave scheme and invest the money in child care.

“The Abbott government has already announced $1 billion in cuts to assistance to families,” Ms Butler said.

“Right now there is legislation before the Parliament cutting the Child Care Benefit, which goes to low and middle-income families.

“It makes no sense for the Prime Minister to commission a review to look at ways to make childcare more affordable at the same time that he is persisting in cuts.

“If Mr Abbott is serious about improving the child care system he would reverse the $1 billion worth of cuts and dump his unfair and extravagant Paid Parental Leave scheme.

“The Productivity Commission has now joined Labor, the business community and Mr Abbott's own colleagues who believe this money could be better spent elsewhere,” Ms Butler said.

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Registered Organisations amendment legislation

We all know that the reason we are debating this bill tonight is that, as we have seen in recent weeks, this government would like to talk about anything but its toxic budget. It is a budget that takes money out of the pockets of the very people who trusted this Prime Minister before the election. As is the hallmark of this government, this bill represents yet another broken promise from a Prime Minister and a government that are watching their trust and support slip away like sand between their fingers. It is hardly surprising that when a Liberal-National government is in trouble, they run towards what they know best, which is attacking workers and attacking representative organisations. This bill is about registered organisations, which are employer and employee organisations registered under the Fair Work regime.

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Musgrave Park Family Fun Day

On Friday I had the honour of attending the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day, part of NAIDOC Week celebrations. I was one of around 25,000 people who attended. It was a massive event with almost 200 stalls. I had the pleasure and privilege of listening to Uncle Des' welcome to country. I was really grateful to Scott Anderson, Albert Bowie and the other organisers for inviting me along, and it was a particular privilege to meet Auntie Joan shortly after the opening festivities.

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