Hate speech laws

Like many in our community I oppose the Attorney-General's proposed changes to hate speech laws. I made a submission to his department explaining why Australia's hate speech laws should not be weakened in the way that the Attorney-General has suggested.

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Serious invasions of privacy

The Australian Law Reform Commission is inquiring about privacy law in the digital age. I support the establishment of a statutory cause of action for serious invasion of privacy. This is my submission to the Law Reform Commission in response to its discussion paper.

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Awards to celebrate our brilliant local business women

Terri Butler MP today called for the Griffith community to celebrate brilliant local business women by nominating them for the 2014 Telstra Business Women’s Awards

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Terri Butler MP calls on Mr Hockey to come clean on cuts in Griffith

Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP today wrote to Treasurer Joe Hockey calling on him to immediately release the 900 pages of the Government’s Commission of Audit Report.

Ms Butler said the Abbott Government had been sitting on the final report for weeks and Mr Hockey owed it to the people of Griffith to come clean on what cuts are contained in the report.

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Ben Quilty - After Afghanistan - exhibition opening

The official war artist commissions, the longest running and largest art commissioning in Australia, provides us with an understanding of Australia’s experience in and at war. Each artist who spends time with the men and women of our defence force contributes to that understanding. Since the First World War, these artists have added their representation, their impressions of war adding to the array of interpretations of our wartime history.

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Abbott’s hospital tax another broken promise on health

Tony Abbott’s tax on hospital visits will mean Australians face greater out-of-pocket costs for healthcare, Terri Butler MP said today.

“First a GP tax, now Tony Abbott wants to introduce a Hospital tax,” she said.

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Abbott’s hospital cuts coming to the PA Hospital in Griffith

New analysis shows the Abbott Government has delivered a major blow to the PA Hospital and local health services in Griffith.

Tony Abbott has already shown his priority is to cut health funding and force every Australian to pay more.

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Dutton should pull Springborg into line

The Federal Member for Griffith, Terri Butler MP, today hosted a Health Stakeholders meeting in her electorate with Hon. Catherine King MP.

“Making sure everyone has access to healthcare is an important issue for everyone in Griffith, so I really appreciated Ms King taking time to meet with local stakeholders,” Ms Butler said.

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Abbott government cuts to legal services will hurt the most vulnerable

Cuts to community legal services will hurt society’s most vulnerable people, Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP said.

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Abbott government gives the green light to racism

Changes to the Racial Discrimination Act announced by the Abbott Government will significantly water down protections against racist hate speech in Australia. 

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