South Side hate speech petition tabled in Parliament

Member for Griffith Terri Butler tabled a petition calling for existing hate speech laws to be kept, signed by almost 1000 Brisbane locals, in Parliament today.

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Heading down the US path for student debt

 I was the first person in my family to go to university, and there are a lot of people my age who are in the same situation—who were able to go to university because of Labor governments' identification of the importance of higher education and Labor's moves to make higher education accessible to all. That is something that we have been very proud of over many years.

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Hate speech petition tabled

This petition of Citizens of Australia who are firm believers in protection of racial dignity and multiculturalism draws to the attention of the House:

The community concerns in relation to the proposed changes to Racial Discrimination Act 1975. The proposed changes will reduce the Act's ability to protect the community against hate speech, bigotry and similar offensive conduct in relation to race, colour, or national or ethnic origin. We are firm believers in right to free speech but we also believe that these rights come with responsibility and it is the duty of the government to protect our diverse population from a small but loud minority, who may misuse the changes to insult, humiliate and offend fellow Australians on the basis of their race, colour and national or ethnic origin.

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National Sorry Day

The first Sorry Day was held on 26 May 1998—the anniversary of the tabling of the report—and it has been held annually ever since.

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Abbott budget cuts all youth unemployment programs

Tony Abbott has cut the only programs designed to help young people get into the workforce at a time when youth unemployment is over double the average unemployment rate, the Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP said.

Last night’s budget axed all three education programs aimed at helping disadvantaged young Australians at risk of falling into unemployment to finish school and get a job.

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Pensioners, families in Griffith will pay for broken promises

Pensioners, families and young people will pay for the Abbott Government’s broken promises in last night’s budget, Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP said.

“The people of Griffith have every right to feel betrayed by this Budget of broken promises and twisted priorities,” Ms Butler said.

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The confected crisis

If, as predicted, a GP tax is included in tonight's budget then the Liberals and the Nationals will understand very quickly how people feel about that change to Medicare. They will understand very quickly the backlash to the GP tax, not to mention the petrol tax, the personal tax increase, the failure to fund education as they had promised—the broken promises from a Prime Minister who claimed he would have no excuses

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Abbott failing our youth with cuts to job programs

Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP has called on the Abbott government to keep programs that fight youth unemployment, ahead of today’s budget.

“The Federal Government delivers three youth programs - Youth Connections, Partnership Brokers and National Career Development - and the Abbott Government looks set to slash all three in the budget,” Ms Butler said.

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Newman Government admits cultural precinct plan consultation period inadequate

The Newman Government has agreed to accept “late” submissions about the Cultural Precinct
draft master plan, in a tacit admission that the consultation period is too
short, Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP said.

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Hate speech laws

Like many in our community I oppose the Attorney-General's proposed changes to hate speech laws. I made a submission to his department explaining why Australia's hate speech laws should not be weakened in the way that the Attorney-General has suggested.

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