Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Anniversary of Mr Turnbull's Divisive Postal Survey

Today marks one year since the government party room decided to conduct a damaging, expensive, and divisive postal survey on the rights of LGBTIQ Australians.

Labor blocked the marriage plebiscite in the Senate because we knew that a public vote on human rights would be wasteful, and more importantly, harmful.

Mr Turnbull and the Liberals could have legislated for marriage equality by allowing a free vote in the Parliament. But they didn’t. Instead, they went against the will of the Australian people, and the Parliament, and conducted a postal survey.

What followed for the next two months can only be described as a disgrace.

Members of the LGBTIQ community were forced to ask their fellow Australians for the right to marry.

But they organised, they campaigned, and they won.

When marriage equality finally became law on the 7th of December, four months after the postal survey was announced, I know that LGBTIQ Australians, their friends, their families, and all who love them, breathed a sigh of relief.

The campaign for LGBTIQ equality is not over, but the passage of marriage equality was an incredibly important step.


Griffith Stronger Communities Programme Round 4

What could your community group do with $20,000?

The Stronger Communities Programme asks Members of Parliament to engage with their communities to recommend capital investment projects that strengthen their communities.

Up to $150,000 of funding will be available in Griffith for small capital projects which improve community participation and contribute to the vibrancy and viability of local communities.

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Butler Congratulates Vision Australia and Graduates of Skilling Queenslanders for Work

Terri Butler congratulates Vision Australia’s graduates of the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program.

“Vision Australia is rightly proud of their Career Visions Trainees today, who have successfully completed a Certificate 1 in Business through Skilling Queenslanders for Work,” Ms Butler said.

“Skilling Queenslanders for Work assists people who are generally underrepresented in the workforce – like young people, First Nations people, people with disability, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

“This program has already been massively successful with over 16 000 people finding jobs as a result of taking part in Skilling Queenslanders for Work in the last three years alone.

“It’s so wonderful to have a success story like Vision Australia on the Southside,” Ms Butler said.

Terri Butler MP will be attending the Vision Australia Skilling Queenslanders for Work Graduation Ceremony at 1:30pm this afternoon, at the Vision Australia office on Old Cleveland Rd.


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