Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Uni funding cuts? No thanks.

In the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook the government announced $2.2 billion worth of cuts to higher education.

They’ve cut the equivalent of 9,500 uni places in 2018. It’s the same story in 2019. That’s a lot of people who’ll be excluded from going to university.

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The Turnbull government should restore the $17 billion cut from schools funding

In 2017 the Turnbull government was able to pass legislation cutting $17 billion from funding that had been earmarked for schools over the next decade. I voted against the bill.

These education funding cuts are being made at the same time as the Turnbull government is seeking to worsen the Budget bottom line by $65 billion over a decade, in the form of corporate tax cuts. Kids and households shouldn’t be asked to pay for tax cuts for multinationals and millionaires.

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The child support system must be in children's best interests

I spoke on the Family Assistance and Child Support Legislation Amendment (Protecting Children) Bill 2017 in February.

You can read the full speech below.

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