Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Turnbull Government Must Not Abandon Kindies

Reports in the Australian Financial Review today that kindy funding is under threat reveal that the the Turnbull government is completely out-of-touch.

Under Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals, federal funding for kindy was due to run out at the end of this year. Now, they've extended the funding, but only to the end of 2019. 

And today the AFR is reporting that the Turnbull government has said spending on the National Partnership agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education will conclude from June 30, 2020. That's a massive cut - more than $440m.

It's not good enough. Families and kids deserve better.

Universal access funding helps make sure that children have access to at least 15 hours of kindy per week for 40 weeks in the year.

Labor introduced this funding when we were in government. We committed $955 million over five years.

Since the Liberals came to power, they have extended the funding only for one or two years at a time. Now it's clear that they've been doing so because they are planning to walk away from their responsibilities in relation to kindy.

In 2008, before Labor introduced universal access funding for preschool and kindergarten, just 12 per cent of Australian children received 15 hours or more of quality education in the year before school.  By 2012 that figure had risen to over 56 per cent.

Today enrolment rates are well over 90 percent.

Kids who get to do at least fifteen hours of kindy, before they start school, do better at school. The Commonwealth should not shirk its responsibilities to make sure Australians get the best possible start to their education.


Turnbull Government Fails to Address Youth Homelessness

With Senator the Hon Doug Cameron

Today’s release of Mission Australia’s 2017 Youth Survey results is a reminder of the Turnbull Government’s failure to address housing affordability and homelessness for young people. 
According to the report, nearly 1 in 6 young people surveyed have experienced a type of homelessness. This includes time with no fixed address, living in a refuge or transitional accommodation, and time spent couch surfing.
Homelessness has significant flow-on effects, particularly for young people, who experience higher incidence of self-injury and attempted suicide, a greater likelihood of leaving school early, and significantly higher unemployment rates than their peers.
Successive Liberal governments have comprehensively failed young people on housing. Instead of addressing homelessness they are seeking to give the big banks a $17 billion handout. 
Labor has a plan to make housing more affordable and address homelessness, including boosting support for vulnerable Australians.
A Shorten Labor Government will provide $88 million over two years for a new Safe Housing Fund to increase transitional housing options for women and children escaping domestic and family violence and young people exiting out-of-home care.
The Turnbull Government needs to stop waging war on young people. Young Australians are sick of this arrogant and out of touch Prime Minister and they deserve more.


2018 Morningside Festival

Terri Butler MP is looking forward to attending the 22nd annual Morningside Festival, and presenting the prizes for the colouring in competition, this Sunday.

“Over the last 22 years, the Morningside Festival has become an institution for many Southsiders,” Ms Butler said.

“It’s always a pleasure to spend the afternoon walking around the festival seeing what local businesses have on offer.

“Of course, one of my favourite parts of the Festival is being able to present the prizes for the annual colouring in competition.

“There are always so many wonderful entries, and picking a shortlist is so difficult, let alone an overall winner.

“I know that the Morningside Development Association, Cr Kara Cook, and all of the other organisers have put so much work into the Festival, and I congratulate them for that.

“I hope that all the guests and stall holders have an enjoyable and safe day,” she said.

Terri Butler will be presenting the prizes for the colouring in competition at 12:15 at the Morningside Festival Main Stage on Sunday the 29th of July.

FRIDAY, 26 JULY 2018

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