Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Paid Domestic and Family Violence Leave should be a priority

With Tanya Plibersek MP & Brendan O'Connor MP

A workplace response to domestic and family violence should be a priority for Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals, not an afterthought.

Labor has been talking about a workplace response to domestic violence for years now. Unfortunately, the Liberals are only just coming to the table and their response is not good enough.

Mr Turnbull and his Liberals do not support introducing paid domestic violence leave into the NES. They see domestic violence leave as a cost to business and, in a terrifying display of how out of touch they are, argue that it will make women less attractive to employers.

In fact in 2016, the Federal Government applied the bargaining policy to prevent public service enterprise agreements in approximately 30 departments (including the Prime Minister’s) providing for paid family violence leave.

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Education Town Hall at St Martin's Primary School

Terri Butler hosted a town hall meeting with Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, and local education expert, Matthew Campbell, at St Martin’s Primary School last Wednesday, 21 March 2018.

“People in Griffith are really concerned about what Mr Turnbull’s $17 billion cuts to schools will mean for them,” Terri Butler said.

“These cuts are affecting local schools across all areas of education – public, Catholic, and independent.

“If Labor wins government at the next election, we will restore every dollar cut by Mr Turnbull and the Liberals.

“Locals are also rightly concerned about the $2.2 billion cut from universities in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO).

“These cuts have already meant nearly 10 000 fewer university places this year, and it will be the same next year

“At the same time as Malcolm Turnbull is cutting schools and unis, he’s making life easier for millionaires and multinationals by giving them tax cuts.

“You can’t trust the Liberals on education.

“Labor believes getting a good education is the ticket to a lifetime of opportunity.

“Labor believes education is critical to ensure Australia has a strong economy with secure jobs.”

Griffith locals are concerned about education funding

I spoke in the Federation Chamber about Mr Turnbull's cuts to education on the 26th of March.

You can read the full speech below.

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