About Terri Butler MP - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

About Terri Butler MP

Terri is a champion for the Southside, and for the things that matter to all of us. She’s a strong voice for our future, in our national parliament and beyond it.

She speaks out on the issues that matter, and she holds the government to account.

When she stood for election in 2014, Terri fought against the Liberals’ GP Tax. And she has fought the Liberals’ cuts to health ever since, because she believes that it should be your Medicare card, not your credit card, that determines the healthcare you get. So she’s stood up against the cuts that will hit the PA Hospital, the Mater and the Lady Cilento.  And she’s opposed Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to bulk billing, that will hit your budget when you visit local collection centres and clinics from 1 July this year.

For the whole of her time in Parliament, Terri has fought the Liberals’ cuts to education. As part of a Labor team she’s committed to properly funding Southside schools. The Liberals want to cut $236 million out of schools in our electorate alone over a decade. Terri Butler and Labor have a fully-costed and fully-funded plan to fix the way schools are funded, and to make sure that all kids - from Cannon Hill, to Annerley, to West End, to Bulimba, and everywhere in between, get a great education. We’ve got so many great public, catholic and independent schools on the Southside - she’s called for better funding for all of them.

Terri made her first speech to the Parliament in February 2014:

As someone from a small business family, and as someone who had built up a successful business unit in a professional services firm before entering parliament, Terri has a commercial mindset. In Parliament, she’s brought people in business together - including in the startup and innovation sector, to which Australia is looking for growth.

Terri also understands that local businesses need customers. Cutting Australians’ pay and conditions puts pressure on household budgets, and hits small business. Increasing the GST would also make life even tougher for people running small businesses: Terri’s proud of the work she did to fight against a GST increase of 15%.

Most people on the Southside aren’t against development, but believe it must be sustainable. That means planning for increased pressure on schools, services, roads and public transport. Terri’s proud of the work she’s done state and local representatives, and the local community, to say no to bad development, like the towers planned for the croquet club at East Brisbane, and to reject terrible reductions in public transport services, like the Newman government’s planned closure of Dutton Park station. More than that, Terri has been proactive. Standing alongside Di Farmer and Shayne Sutton, she has demanded that the Liberals give Bulimba a fair go when they sell the Barracks. And, working closely as part of the Southside team of Labor federal, state and local reps, she is committed to building the congestion-busting Cross River Rail. That’s why she has been among the key advocates for it to be a priority for a Shorten Labor government.

Terri believes that people who’ve worked hard all their lives have dignity in retirement. That’s why she’s so proud to have been part of successfully defeating the Liberals’ cuts to pension indexation. And she has been a strong voice for the reintroduction of the tax benefit for low income earners’ superannuation -- something the Liberals have finally committed to reinstating, after cutting it two years ago.

Terri lives at Morningside with her husband Troy and their children, who go to school and kindy locally. She understands the challenges that families face. She’s opposed Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to paid parental leave, demanded earlier action on childcare, and has held out against the family payments that would make cost-of-living even worse for so many Southside households.

She has spoken in and outside the Parliament about making multinationals pay their fair share of tax. She’s spoken out against the Liberals’ cuts to the CSIRO that will hit our nation’s ability to respond to climate change.

She thinks both globally and locally: supporting more 50% renewables by 2030, and fighting for better broadband for the Southside. She believes our nation can do better for those who need help - here, and overseas. She stands for more funding for the UNHCR, bringing more people to Australia who need our help, and bringing them here safely. She has spoken out against the Liberals' treatment of people on Nauru and on Manus Island.

As a Labor MP Terri believes in having a strong, growing, inclusive economy: an economy that is about jobs and opportunity for all Australians.

This election is a choice: between the Liberals’ cuts and division, on the one hand, and a fairer future for working class and middle class families on the other. And locally it’s a choice about whether to continue having a strong voice for the Southside in parliament.

Terri has been the Federal Labor Member for Griffith, in Queensland, since February 2014. She is a strong voice for our future - and is the champion that the Southside deserves.

Background and parliamentary roles 

Prior to being elected as the member for Griffith in 2014, Terri was a lawyer and a principal of the national law firm Maurice Blackburn, where she established and led the Queensland Employment and Industrial Law Section. While working as a lawyer, Terri was listed as one of Queensland’s top workplace relations lawyers in the Doyles Guide to the Legal Profession.

Terri has long been involved with organisations supporting those in the community.  She has served on leadership groups of Children By Choice and the YWCA.  Terri has also been involved in Labor’s policy development, having served two previous terms on Labor’s National Policy Committee, and a term on the new National Policy Forum. 

Terri is the Shadow Minister for Young Australians and Youth Affairs, and the Shadow Minister for Employment Services, Workforce Participation and Future of Work. She is the Deputy Chair of the House Standing Committee on Employment, Education & Training, and a member of the House Standing Committees on Procedure, and Tax and Revenue. She's on the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services.  She is co-chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Innovation and Enterprise group.

You can view Terri's speeches on her YouTube channel.

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