Allan Mitchell - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Allan Mitchell

TB_GADA_2018_(128_of_269).jpgIn 2015 Allan was chosen by the committee of the Norman Park Services Bowls Club for life membership.

For 17 years he has held various positions, serving for 5 years as President, 4 years as Vice President and is currently Games Director.

Allan is dedicated in his role, showing up an hour before anyone else only to leave when everything has been finalised.

He is committed to obtaining new members; whether they be male, female, bowlers or barefoot. He is considerate and takes the time to explain the processes of the club and the ins and outs of the game.

Beyond bowls, he is also a coach and administrator for the Valley Die Hards Rugby league team.

He served Australia in Vietnam and participates in commemorative activities and committees in various capacities.

Allan is passionate, community minded, and a dedicated person, one very much deserving of a Griffith Australia Day Award.

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