Bad news on the jobs front: 56,000 fewer full time jobs than in January 2016

It’s no wonder Australians are struggling to find work. There are 56,000 fewer full time jobs since January 2016. There are fewer full time jobs now than when Malcolm Turnbull rolled Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

Labor welcomes the modest decrease in Australia’s unemployment rate to 5.7 per cent, but notes there are still 720,000 unemployed Australians according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures. 

While we always welcome any new jobs, we are mindful that the increase was due to 58,300 part time jobs being created. Under the Turnbull Government, total employment growth over the last year was only 0.8 per cent, less than half the average growth rate over the past 20 years.

So much for jobs and growth.

Of particular concern, there are still in excess of one million Australians who are underemployed, who want more work but cannot find it.

-- from Shadow Minister Brendan O'Connor

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