Butler releases Aircraft Noise Survey results and renews call for a curfew - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Butler releases Aircraft Noise Survey results and renews call for a curfew

Terri Butler MP has renewed her call for a trial curfew, or at the least limits on traffic volumes, along with new noise insulation measures, to deal with aircraft noise.

In today’s “Submission in relation to the 2014 Preliminary Draft Master Plan”, Ms Butler responded to Brisbane Airport Corporation advice that air traffic would continue to grow, and called on BAC to consider additional steps to deal with the noise.

“I surveyed locals. A majority find aircraft noise disruptive, to varying degrees,” Ms Butler said.

“And a majority want a curfew. It’s clear that people want action when it comes to aircraft noise.

“The Deputy Prime Minister should revisit his decision and allow a trial curfew.

“Competing interests need to be balanced, but the health, property values and amenity of people living under flight paths should not be ignored.

"Even if there is no trial curfew, overnight noise shouldn't be ignored.

“It’s clear that air traffic volumes are going to continue to increase.

“When there are more than ten flights in any hour at night, that means pilots have to fly over land, not the bay.

“That’s why I’ve called for, at the least, caps on the number of flights that can be scheduled to arrive or depart within any given sixty-minute period.

Ms Butler said she was also particularly concerned about the effects of noise on schoolkids, and people who spend a lot of time at home.

“There’s strong and clear research that aircraft noise is bad for schoolkids.

“So in my submission I’ve pointed out that in cities like Chicago and London, and closer to home in Sydney and Adelaide, there have been schemes to help local residents and public buildings cope with the noise.

“I’ve called on BAC to work with stakeholders to get similar assistance for Brisbane’s southsiders.

“As I said in my submission, ‘The economic benefits of having a large, busy airport are undeniable. As has been acknowledged in the UK, a proportion of the large economic benefits provided by airport development should be used to mitigate local impacts.’”

“Given the annoyance, disruption, public health effects, and property values impacts of aircraft noise, it’s only fair that Southsiders get some help dealing with the effects of the noise,” Ms Butler said.


Ms Butler’s full submission, which includes the survey results and a number of suggestions in relation to dealing with noise, can be found here.


FRIDAY, 27 JUNE 2014



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