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email traffic guidelines

I get a lot of emails! I try to make sure we look after the ones from constituents first. 

Here's the guidelines my office uses for our email traffic.

Constituents of Griffith who have an issue requiring urgent attention, are asked to contact my office on (07) 3899 4031. Urgent issues should not be raised by email.

If the sender hasn't given me their full name and residential address, it is much more difficult for my staff to confirm they're a constituent and should therefore be given priority. So my staff generally don't respond to emails that haven't given those details.

My staff also appreciate it when the sender includes a phone number, in case my office needs to contact the sender directly.

While I value all constituent correspondence, given the ever-increasing volume of automated or broadcasted political campaign emails, and the demands this places on my limited staff resources, my policy is not to provide individual responses to emails that are part of a coordinated campaign.

For stand-alone emails (that aren't part of a coordinated email campaign) that seek a response, then my office will endeavour to reply within two weeks. We generally meet this service standard, but because this office’s workload varies, that is not always possible.

Because I seek to give priority to my constituents, and because of our limited resources, my office generally doesn’t respond to emails from individuals who don’t live in the electorate of Griffith. You can find out who your local member is here: To find your Labor Senators in your state or territory, please visit


Family and domestic violence
If you're emailing me about family and domestic violence policy ideas, my staff will bring your email to my attention.
My office is not resourced to be a service provider for situations of family and domestic violence. You may wish to contact a service such as 1800RESPECT, which has telephone counselling is available 24/7. Call 1800 737 732.
In Queensland, you may wish to contact DV Connect, which has a 24 Hr Statewide Domestic Violence HOTLINE 1800 811 811 available 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Other services include Men's Referral Service: 1300 766 491, Lifeline (24 hour crisis line): 131 114, and Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277.
Find out more
If your email campaign correspondence is in relation to a policy issue, you can find the ALP national platform here: You can also find a publication about the fifty policies we released in 2015 here: And you can find a list of Labor's Shadow Ministers here:
You can find out more about me at,, or You can find out about my professional background at I'm also on Instagram as @terributlermp
Warm regards,
Terri Butler MP
Federal Member for Griffith

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