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Friends of Balmoral Cemetery

TB_GADA_2018_(196_of_269)_-_Copy.jpgJenny, Julie, Tony and Lorraine within Friends of Balmoral cemetery have made a significant contribution to the recollection of our local history.

The Balmoral Cemetery, is significant to our local communities of Hawthrone, Norman Park, Morningside, Bulimba, Balmoral. It has been described as a “jewel in an open air museum” for all who pass by to reflect on those who have gone before them.

The group is committed to restoring and retelling history, which will be told in two upcoming books.

This group of people, in restoring decaying monuments, go out of their way to contact relatives, pursue financial options for repairs and collaborate with the public, council and other groups.

Thanks to Tony’s generosity, the profits from his published book “The Ascension” go directly to restoring the monuments mentioned in the book.

Jenny, Julie, Tony and Lorraine are passionate and realise the importance of passing on the history of our forebears to our local community.

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