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In January 2018 Terri Butler will be continuing Kevin Rudd's tradition of recognising local volunteers, at the 19th annual Griffith Australia Day Awards.

If you know an individual or a small group of people who should be recognised for their outstanding work, then nominate them. To be eligible, nominees must carry out activities on a voluntary basis in the Griffith electorate. Nominees should not have received an Australian or Commonwealth Honour unless the subject of the nomination is different from the original honour.

 Criteria for selection:

  • Community influence: the nominee has shown initiative, has made achievements, and has inspired others;
  • Dedication: the nominee has shown dedication through their commitment to and/or length of service, through the routines they have adopted, and through their reliability.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!


Complete the nomination form and post to PO Box 476, Morningside QLD 4170 or scan and email to 



2017 Griffith Australia Day Awards

For information about the 2017 awards and past recipients, please click here

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    Nomination for Tokiko Dawson
    Griffith Australia Day Volunteer Award

    In December 2016 Tokiko Dawson celebrated her 75th Birthday and 50 years in Australia. She came to Australia to marry Peter Dawson who she met when he was on a holiday in her native Japan.

    She has lived in the Griffith Electorate for 45 years in Kangaroo Point, Norman Park and since 1998 at 94 Bennetts Road Coorparoo.

    When Tokiko ‘s two daughters had left home her energies as a very supportive mother moved to community service. The first began her monumental contribution to stopping the weeds in Fraser Island’s urban villages escaping into the surrounding National Park in 2002. Since then she has contributed over 30 separate weeks working on weeds as an unpaid volunteer mainly in Eurong village. She is the most experienced and dedicated volunteer in the weed management program of the Fraser Island Defenders Organisation.

    Tokiko’s volunteer work for Fraser Island though isn’t limited just to her physical work on the island. Back in Camp Hill she works provisioning other teams of Volunteers who work on Fraser Island increasing their productivity enabling them to spend more hours in the field. She also spends countless hours in documenting the progress made and developing a weed management strategy for Eurong. Her indefatigable work has rescued Eurong and helped restore the natural integrity of this busiest hub on this amazing World Heritage site.

    Tokiko was so offended by the weed invasion in along Bridgewater Creek as it flowed through Wembley Park that she decided to take matters into her own hands and starting from near the bridge to the netball courts with her own resources progressively eliminated the thick stands of tall Green Panic and other weeds and replaced them with natives, many raised in her own small nursery. The work that Tokiko began is now being complemented by the Norman Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee. With grants and other volunteers N4C is extending the planting. However Tokiko continues to be actively engaged in nurturing this small ecosystem she helped establish.

    This is not a complete record of Tokiko’s volunteer work but it is illustrative of her commitment and community dedication. She has been an unsung hero and without her efforts and other volunteers like her, large parts of a favourite recreation area for many people of Griffith (Fraser Island (Kgari)) would be over-run with invasive species

    Nominated by John Sinclair AO
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