Have you been unfairly underpaid because of your disability? - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Have you been unfairly underpaid because of your disability?

In December 2016, the Federal Court approved the settlement of a class action case brought by my old firm, Maurice Blackburn, on behalf of thousands of workers with an intellectual disability who were underpaid over several years.

Eligible workers will be paid 70% of the amount owed to them, without any impact on their pension or any requirement to pay tax.

In order to be paid, you must be eligible and you must register for payment with the Department of Social Services. You must register before 30 April 2017.

To be eligible for payment, workers must:

  • have worked for at least one day at an Australian Disability Enterprise during the period 1 January 2004 to 28 May 2014; and
  • have had an intellectual impairment; and
  • have had their wages assessed using the BSWAT assessment tool.

Also, a person who has died and who would otherwise have been eligible remains eligible for payment. The person’s legal personal representative can apply on behalf of the person’s estate.

People whose wages have been assessed using BSWAT and who worked at an Australian Disability Enterprise can register by:
1. accessing the online page https://bswat.dss.gov.au/ or
2. calling the hotline on 1800 799 515; or
3. sending an email to bswatpayments@dss.gov.au

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