Strong and Resilient Communities Grants – Inclusive Communities Grants

Inclusive Communities grants aim to increase the social and economic participation of vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families within their communities and enhance their life‑time wellbeing and sense of community belonging.

Funding will only be available to eligible organisations to deliver one-off, time-limited, projects that support the social and economic participation of people in their communities in the ways outlined in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.  Projects may include a trial project, seed or start-up funding to establish new activities, and/or short term interventions to resolve a particular issue.

Applicants must involve key stakeholders from the respective communities to demonstrate the project has endorsement by providing a letter of support as part of the application process. More information about the letter of support can be found in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

Applicants are also encouraged to collaborate with other organisations, formally (e.g. consortium arrangements) or informally (e.g. referral partnerships) to address the grant program’s objectives.

Applications close: 23 August 2017 at 2:00pm

More information can be found here:

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