Increasing efforts to prevent and address family violence - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Increasing efforts to prevent and address family violence

A Shorten Labor Government will give the issue of family violence national prominence, with the Prime Minister to deliver an annual Family Violence Statement to Parliament.

This is part of Labor’s latest measures aimed at ending the scourge of family violence in our community.

Eliminating family violence must be a national priority – it will be one of the most important priorities of a Shorten Labor Government.

While Australia has made good progress – there is much more that must be done.

That’s why Labor is announcing further measures aimed at ending the scourge of family violence in our community:

  • An annual statement to the Parliament on progress in eliminating family and domestic violence.
  • A commitment to responding to the recommendations of the Final Report of the COAG Advisory Panel on Reducing Violence Against Women and their Children, and the recommendations of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, within a year of taking office.
  • The appointment of additional Federal Circuit Court judges to Brisbane and Parramatta; to appoint a permanent Federal Circuit Court judge to Wollongong; and to appoint an additional Family Court judge to Brisbane.
  • $43.2 million over four years to avoid re-traumatisation of victims and survivors from being cross-examined by alleged perpetrators personally – and instead providing for both parties to be legally represented.
  • A commitment to prohibit non-consensual sharing of private sexual images and recordings, within the first 100 days of a Shorten Labor Government.
  • A commitment to working within COAG to create specific offences prohibiting the covert installation of spying apps on smartphones.
  • $3.6 million for pilot programs in relation to family and domestic violence in culturally and linguistically diverse communities.         
  • Protection for people on temporary visas facing family and domestic violence by creating a new type of temporary visa, which will remove impediments to women leaving their partners, and carry work rights so that women leaving violent relationships can seek to support themselves.

These measures build on Labor’s earlier significant commitments to stopping family and domestic violence, including measures such as critical funding for frontline legal services, transitional housing options for women and children escaping family and domestic violence, and hosting a National Crisis Summit within our first 100 days of office.

A Shorten Labor Government will work to ensure women and children are free to live safe from violence – today’s announcements build on our commitment to eliminate family violence in all forms.

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