Karen Czornohalan - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Karen Czornohalan

IMG_4755.JPGDuring her tenure as President of West End State School P&C Association, Karen oversaw dramatic changes to the P&C culture, its relationship with the parent body, community groups and the school.

She was able to achieve cohesion during the extremely difficult times of proposed BSHS mergers, building programs and unprecedented student growth.

Her nominator describes her inclusive, loyal, forthright, kind and patient, and someone who tackles every project with gusto.

This voluntary contribution is important. In an era when many of us are “too busy” to offer our time to the community, Karen has shown dedication and commitment, inspired other and made achievements.

The former principal at the school had not seen such achievements made in 35 years. She says that Karen’s advocacy work contributed to the recent announcement of the expansion of the West End State School site.

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