Liberal Cuts Hurt Southside Schools

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The Member for Griffith, Terri Butler MP, says Liberal cuts will hurt our local schools.
“At this time of year, as school goes back,  parents are thinking about their kids’ education, and what the future holds,” Ms Butler said.

“Under Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals, the future for Southside schools looks grim.
“Nationwide, the Liberals are cutting $30 billion from schools – that’s like sacking one in seven teachers.
“Here in our electorate of Griffith, schools will lose more than $233 million.
“These cuts will hurt our local schools.
“They’ll mean fewer teachers, less one-on-one attention, and students left behind.
“They’ll mean students getting less help with the basics like reading, writing, maths, science, and computer skills.
“When I visit Southside schools I get to see some amazing work being done to make sure  our next generation has the best possible chance in life.
“Our community spends so much time fundraising for our schools because we know what a difference money makes.
“Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals are cutting funding from schools because they think you should only get a good education if you can afford to pay.
“The Liberals can’t find money for schools, but they can find money for a big business tax cut.
“The Liberals have chosen to spend money on handouts for big business and the banks, rather than schools.
“You can’t trust the Liberals on education.
“Labor believes getting a good education is the ticket to a lifetime of opportunity.
“Labor believes education is critical to ensure Australia has a strong economy with secure jobs.”



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  • Lorna Virgo
    commented 2017-02-06 17:45:31 +1000
    For 2 years past i have travelled to Maryborough Qld to help a daughter get her 2 boys back into high school. Paying the hire costs of a lap top for the eldest boy along with other school costs. This year when fronting up to the School Office 23rd Jan 2017 I was told that that scheme was no longer available. I had to turn around & buy a laptop on my credit card.
    I thought this was Labor initiative several years ago? Do my Grandchilden now miss out in accessing these valuable resourses due to lack of funds. My own children too had to pay their way through University a decade before. Was it only the Politicions of today who had free University back in the Whitlam years?
    I am now 79 years old & I can see little joy for these young people work wise in rural area’s of Australia.
  • Darryel Whitmey
    commented 2017-02-06 11:17:48 +1000
    Unbalanced -Private Schools under a Coalition Government ,especially the Catholic Schools – i will send you a number of Documents in the coming weeks to prove that they are treated like Royalty ? when they are so rich -you only have to go onto the Financial Reports to see that they do not need so much funding.
  • Karen Houghton
    commented 2017-02-06 09:39:31 +1000
    Education and Health are 2 essentials that should NEVER be subjected to cuts in funding. It is reprehensible of any government to even consider it.
  • Darryel Whitmey
    commented 2017-01-30 20:01:36 +1000
    Does this mean all Schools State and Catholic Schools ?

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