Local media releases - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Congratulations to our unsung heroes

Terri Butler MP congratulates the Southside’s unsung heroes who were acknowledged at the 19th Griffith Australia Day Awards.

“Nearly 300 people attended the 19th annual Griffith Australia Day Awards, to honour a wonderful group of volunteers – our local unsung heroes,” Ms Butler said.

“I thank my committee, led by Mr Matthew Campbell, and of course the recipients themselves, for their tireless efforts and participation in the ceremony. I also thank Corrine McMillan MP for giving up her time to MC the ceremony.”

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Unsung heroes of Griffith to be honoured this Sunday

The Southside’s unsung heroes will be honoured this Sunday at the Griffith Australia Day Awards, hosted each year by Terri Butler MP.

“This year the 19th annual Griffith Australia Day Awards will acknowledge the wonderful work of our local heroes – from environmental lawyers to dedicated musicians, to keen gardeners and effective P&C leaders, the Southside has it all,” Ms Butler said.

Each year Ms Butler selects outstanding community members to form a committee, who then carefully consider who should be conferred a Griffith Australia Day Award from a large number of nominations.

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More than 2000 Griffith families worse off under Turnbull government's childcare package

The Turnbull government’s own secret hit list has revealed 2014 Southside families in the Griffith electorate will be worse off under its new child care package come July 2. 

These families are part of the 279,000 families around Australia who will be worse off under the Liberals' new package.

Under the Government’s package, families will have to satisfy a complex set of rules to qualify for government assistance – with a work test and a means test set to hit vulnerable families the worst. The work test will require families to satisfy minimum levels of ‘approved activities’ each fortnight – which will knock thousands of low income families out of the system.

This new slug on families is on top of the 18 per cent growth in fees (to March 2017) since the election of the Liberal Government – which means families are on average paying over $2,000 more a year. 

The Turnbull Government is seriously out of touch when it claims credit for an increase in fees, and for introducing a new childcare package which leaves over 2000 families in Griffith worse off. 

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Turnbull should come clean about the GST

Member for Griffith Terri Butler has called on the Turnbull government to commit to making sure Queensland doesn’t lose out from changes to the GST payments formula. 

“As a federal member from Queensland, I’m deeply worried about what will happen locally if our state is left $729 million worse off because of formula changes such as those proposed in the Commission’s draft report,” Terri Butler said.

“The Turnbull government’s decision to delay releasing the final report leaves Queenslanders in the dark about the future.

“The delay is political – it’s all about the Tasmanian and South Australian state elections.

“Every state and territory, except Western Australia, would lose out if the proposals in the draft report were implemented.

“The Turnbull government should come clean with Southsiders: what are its plans for our state, and how will that affect local schools, hospitals and services?” Terri Butler said.

9 January 2018

Reducing the cost of international remittances

With Tony Burke MP, Andrew Leigh MP, and Graham Perrett MP

In Australia, many people work long hours to send money back to family overseas.

According to the World Bank, remittances to developing countries are worth half a trillion dollars annually – twice the value of foreign aid.

These people deserve a safe and secure way for people to send money which doesn’t involve large portions being eaten up by fees from financial institutions. 

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Parliamentary Joint Committee calls for stronger whistleblower protections

With Senator Deb O'Neill, Senator Chris Ketter and Matt Keogh MP 

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services has released its unanimous report on whistleblower protections in the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors. 

Whistleblowers have helped deter and expose misconduct, fraud and corruption. Sadly, the reality is that under current laws, it is nearly impossible to protect them.

Mindful of the personal cost borne by many of those who have blown the whistle, we have recommended a replacement wage commensurate to the whistleblower's current salary as an advance of compensation. Whistleblowers should not have to weigh up sending their children to school against speaking out.

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Southside schools worse off under Malcolm Turnbull's $22 billion cut

Federal Member for Griffith Terri Butler says Southside schools will be worse off under Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals schools policy which rips $22 billion out of schools.

“It shows just how out of touch Malcolm Turnbull is that he’s ripping $22 billion from schools to pay for his $50 billion big business tax cut,” Ms Butler said.

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Turnbull cuts FTBA to 5,134 families in Griffith

Around 5,134 Family Tax Benefit A (FTBA) families in Griffith will be worse off from 1 July this year because of Malcolm Turnbull’s $1.4 billion in cuts to Family Tax Benefits.

This includes 4,171 Family Tax Benefit B (FTB B) families in our community who rely on just one income.

By freezing Family Tax Benefit payment rates the Turnbull Government is leaving 1.5 million families, including millions of children, around Australia worse off. 

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Pay cuts will hurt local workers

New figures show Southsiders in Griffith will be hit hard by the Turnbull Government’s refusal to stop the Fair Work Commission’s cut to penalty rates.

More than 11,929 people, or one in 7 workers, in the federal electorate of Griffith work in the retail, food and accommodation industries affected by the cuts.

These workers stand to lose up to $77 per week.

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Enough already! Fund Cross River Rail

It is well past time the Turnbull Government stopped dithering and committed to funding to Brisbane's Cross River Rail, which is an essential project to reduce congestion in this growing city.

Construction could already have been underway on this congestion-busting, job-creating project if the Coalition Government had not cut Federal funding for it in their 2014 Budget.

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