Local representative team meets Parliamentary Secretary for Defence over Bulimba Barracks site - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Local representative team meets Parliamentary Secretary for Defence over Bulimba Barracks site

With Di Farmer MP and Cr Shayne Sutton

The future of the Bulimba Barracks site was under discussion at meeting of local Labor representatives, the federal Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, and Defence Department officials today.

Local members Terri Butler MP, Federal Member for Griffith, Di Farmer MP, State Member for Bulimba, and Cr Shayne Sutton, Councillor for Morningside ward, met the parliamentary secretary, officials, and the site’s commanding officer, at the Barracks site this afternoon.

“We told the meeting that the community has a strong interest in the future of the site,” Terri Butler MP said. 

“We made clear our desire to make sure that the community’s voice is heard, and that the community as a whole benefits from any sale of the site,” she said.

“Now that the Army’s Joint Logistics Unit has largely left the site, it’s important to make sure that all levels of government work together to get the best outcome,” Di Farmer MP said. 

“Terri, Shayne and I are a strong team of committed local representatives and we intend to make sure that Canberra takes notice of our community’s needs,” she said.

“When I led the Bulimba local planning process, there was vast interest in making sure this site was used to benefit locals if it was to be sold,” Cr Shayne Sutton said. 

“We’ve got a great local plan that came out of a strong, grassroots consultation process, and I will continue to be a voice in local government, to press for the outcomes that our community wants,” she said. 

“There is still significant work to be done before Defence could be in a position to sell any of the land,” Terri Butler MP said.

“While the preparatory work is happening, we’ll continue to take a keen interest in the site, and represent locals’ views,” Di Farmer MP said.

“Before any sale is made, the usual steps of taking into account the state of the site, and considering likely planning and infrastructure issues, will be taken,” Cr Sutton said.


FRIDAY, 20 MARCH 2015 

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