Memo to Mr Morrison: Southsiders don't want weaker planning laws - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Memo to Mr Morrison: Southsiders don't want weaker planning laws

Scott Morrison's radical plans to urge local and state governments to weaken planning laws show how out of touch the Turnbull government is, Terri Butler said.
"What a pathetic performance from Scott Morrison," Terri Butler said.
"Treasurer, if you think that the answer to housing affordability is open slather development in inner suburbs - you are wrong.

"And taking that position while completely failing to take action on negative gearing, is also wrong.
"Failing to provide the funding needed so that infrastructure keeps up with population growth is also wrong.
"Scott Morrison should visit West End, Kangaroo Point, Coorparoo and other similar suburbs and explain why he thinks development is over-regulated.
"And while he is there he can explain why the Turnbull government hasn't committed to funding Brisbane's Cross River rail, to ease rail and road congestion.
"When it comes to housing affordability it's completely obvious to everyone that Scott Morrison should get on board with Labor's negative gearing policy.
"Middle-class, middle-income couples worried about whether their kids will be able to afford to buy a house know it.
"So do young people who are worried they'll never afford to buy real estate.
"The difference between Scott Morrison and Labor is that we have the courage and vision needed to make these changes: he does not.
"People who are living in already-crowded suburbs with very limited green space, inadequate infrastructure, and rapidly changing streetscapes know that the last thing we need is weaker planning laws," Terri Butler said.


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