My co-written essay on tax and inequality - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

My co-written essay on tax and inequality

The Fabians have published an essay that I co-wrote with Andrew Giles MP, Tax Settings and Inequality.

"As the dust begins to settle around what's left of the Turnbull government’s “Enterprise Tax Plan,” our nation needs a completely different conversation about taxation policy.

The decisions to be made about taxation - such as how much is to be raised, and by what means - affect much more than just finding the revenue to secure the provision of necessary services.

They are decisions about, and determined by, how we see ourselves, and one another. Decisions about taxation are decisions about the sort of future we, as Australians, see for our nation, and for ourselves.

Today, Australians are experiencing record levels of inequality. Unchecked, this will get worse, separating the experiences and opportunities of Australians, dampening all of our prospects.

We are on course for a future which promises a new Gilded Age for a lucky few, at the expense of confined and insecure lives for the many."

The Fabian Society has made the the full essay available for download here

Andrew and I will be speaking on this topic at the following Fabians events:

Tax Settings and Inequality - NSW
Join Terri Butler MP & Andrew Giles MP as they discuss their recent Fabian essay on the links between taxes & inequality.
Thursday, July 6, 6:30pm
Community and Public Sector Union in Haymarket, Australia
For more information and to RSVP, visit this link.

Tax Settings and Inequality – QLD

At this event, join in the discussion as we discuss the Essay - Tax Settings and Inequality with the authors - Terri Butler MP and Andrew Giles MP
Sunday, August 13, 12pm
United Voice Queensland - Ground Level Conference Room in South Brisbane
For more information and to RSVP, visit this link.

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