Pay cuts will hurt local workers - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Pay cuts will hurt local workers

New figures show Southsiders in Griffith will be hit hard by the Turnbull Government’s refusal to stop the Fair Work Commission’s cut to penalty rates.

More than 11,929 people, or one in 7 workers, in the federal electorate of Griffith work in the retail, food and accommodation industries affected by the cuts.

These workers stand to lose up to $77 per week.

Malcolm Turnbull and his Ministers campaigned for the Fair Work Commission to cut penalty rates.

Under the Turnbull Government, wages in Australia are growing less than ever before. This latest pay cut is even more bad news for local workers and their families.

Retail is the 4th biggest industry in Griffith, employing more than 6000 workers. Food and hospitality is the 7th biggest industry in Griffith, employing more than 5000 workers.

Cutting penalty rates is bad for the workers who will have their pay cut.

It is also bad for the economy, as these workers will now have less money to spend in local shops, restaurants and other businesses.

Labor is determined to stop this damage being inflicted on our local workers and economy.

Last sitting week, Labor brought forward a Private Member’s bill, to prevent the wages of workers relying on the award from being cut. Labor’s bill would stop the penalty rates cut from taking effect and ensure penalty rates cannot be cut in future if it results in a reduction in workers’ take-home pay.

Liberal and National Party MPs voted to block the introduction of laws to protect penalty rates.

With the Government holding a one seat majority, a single Liberal or National Party MP crossing the floor to vote with Labor and the crossbenchers, we can stop penalty rates being cut.

Turnbull’s Liberal-National Government is seriously out of touch, voting against protecting workers from a $77 per week pay cut, but voting for a $50 billion corporate tax cut for big business.




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  • Kd Zahir
    commented 2017-03-09 14:55:11 +1000
    $77 a week? that’s like your entertainment money, your Friday night drinks and Saturday night dinner, your movies or your once a month stay over in a Gold Coast Resort. The hospitality industry will suffer as a result of these cuts.

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