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Greenslopes Red Cross Hall petition

Join the campaign to save the Red Cross Hall at Greenslopes and fix the asbestos risk:

Support the Bille Brown Theatre project

The Commonwealth should support the Bille Brown Theatre project. Sign the petition here.

The Bille Brown Theatre project

Above: Queensland Theatre Executive Director Amanda Jolly, Terri Butler MP, and Venue & Operations Supervisor Julian Messer.

Queensland deserves its fair share of federal arts funding.

Queenslanders pay nearly 20 per cent of the nation’s individual taxes but receive only around 6 per cent of core arts funding. We don't get our fair share when it comes to Australia Council grants, either.

The Commonwealth should make a direct financial contribution to Queensland Theatre’s remodelling of the Bille Brown Studio, right here on the Southside.

The Bille Brown Studio project is a milestone for Queensland Theatre, and will provide a more versatile theatre space for local and visiting productions. It's exciting to have the Theatre in our local area, and it's wonderful to see such great locally-developed and produced shows, like My Name is Jimi, and The Longest Minute, telling stories that matter to Queenslanders. The Commonwealth should show its support for our homegrown Queensland talent.

Reverse the cuts to university funding

The Turnbull government is bypassing the Parliament and cutting $2.2 billion from university funding. Universities Australia estimates that this means 9,500 uni places will be unfunded in 2018. It will be the same story in 2019.

Australian students and families should not be asked to miss out on a university education to help the Turnbull government pay for its $65 billion in tax cuts for multinationals and millionaires.

Find out more and sign the petition.

Malcolm Turnbull: establish a National Integrity Commission

Labor has announced we will create a National Integrity Commission if elected. But the nation can have one sooner if Malcolm Turnbull and his government get on board with the idea. To find out more about Labor's policy, and to join me in calling on Malcolm Turnbull to establish a National Integrity Commission, check out my petition here.

We want a fair deal for our community when Bulimba Barracks is sold

The Turnbull government is pushing ahead with its sale of the Bulimba Barracks on the open market. The state of Queensland offered market value but the Turnbull government seems to be relying on an outdated valuation from before the Master Plan process was completed and before the Master Plan was given statutory effect.

Our community deserves to be guaranteed that the Turnbull government will do everything it can, as the seller, to make sure developers understand the Master Plan, and to make sure that plan is respected. Sign the petition

Keep kindy funding beyond 2019

Kindy funding is once again under threat. Under Scott Morrison and the Liberals, federal funding for kindy was due to run out at the end of this year. Now, they've extended the funding, but only to the end of 2019, and have said they'll end the national partnership agreement for kindy funding in 2020. Not good enough.

Sign my petition.

Reverse funding cuts to schools

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals are cutting $17 billion from schools. The cuts will hurt Southside families, and will be bad for the economy, too.

Labor stands against the school funding cuts. If you don't support the schools funding cuts, will you sign my petition?

Save Medicare

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of the start of Medicare!

That means it has been 33 years since all Australians were guaranteed access to health treatment when they need it.

Last year alone, around 21 million Australians accessed Medicare services – including GP visits, vital tests and scans, and hospital treatments.

Medicare is the heart and soul of our universal health care system and the envy of many countries around the world. But it took two Labor governments more than two decades of fighting conservatives to get it done.

The fight isn’t over, because the Liberals are making cuts to health. Those who can least afford to pay for quality health care will be the hardest hit.

There’s one thing that you can do right now to help us protect Medicare.

Sign the petition, here.

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