Prime Minister's Prizes for Science - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Prime Minister's Prizes for Science

The Prime Minister's Prizes for Sceince are Australia's most presitigious science awards. They are key to our efforts to recognise the extraordinary contribution that our scientists, innovators and science teachers make to our nation.

Prize winners are world-leading researchers, innovators and teachers contributing to national and global prosperity and wellbeing, and serve as role models for our future generations.

Nominations are encouraged from

  • leading Australian scientiests who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge through science;
  • exceptional innovators from both industry and research who have translated scientific knowledge into substantial commercial impact;
  • early to mid-career scientists whose research is already making, and will continue to make, an impact on our lives;
  • promising early to mid-career innovators from industry and research, whose work has the potential to enhance our economy through the translation of scientific knowledge into substantial commercial impact;
  • outstanding science, mathematics and technology teachers who are dedicated to innovative and imaginative teaching, and inspiting the next generation

Prize winners are positive role models to all Australians, and I would particularly encourage nomination of leading women across all categories.

Nominations close 26 March 2018. For nomination guidelines and to apply, please visit

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