Shadow Ministerial media releases - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Turnbull government fails young people on jobs

The Turnbull government’s atrocious record when comes to youth unemployment and youth underemployment has been exposed by a report from the Reserve Bank of Australia. 

The RBA’s research shows how tough it is for young people when it comes to jobs.  

The RBA has pointed out that youth unemployment is 7% above the national unemployment rate. 

The RBA has also said that young workers are not getting the hours they want. On average young workers would prefer to get another eleven hours’ work a week. 

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Gay Conversion Therapy

I am deeply concerned by recent comments made by the new head of the Australian Christian Lobby, Martyn Iles, in relation to gay conversion therapy.

Gay conversion therapy is a practice which is not only outdated, but completely discredited and dangerous.

For many young people, it can be difficult enough coming to grips with the fact that they aren’t heterosexual or cisgender.

The last thing they need is for groups like the ACL to try to “counsel” them. What they need is support.

Mr Turnbull needs to send a message to young LGBTIQ people that they aren’t broken and don’t need to be fixed. He should unequivocally condemn this shameful, toxic practice.


Appointment as Shadow Assistant Minister for Young Australians and Youth Affairs

It’s an honour to be appointed as Shadow Assistant Minister for Young Australians and Youth Affairs, and to continue my appointments as Shadow Assistant Minister for Universities and Shadow Assistant Minister for Equality.

I have valued the opportunity to hold portfolio responsibilities in relation to family and domestic violence since 2015.

Family and domestic violence is a national crisis. I am very pleased that the Hon Linda Burney MP will be taking on the responsibility for leading Labor’s work in responding to that crisis, in a newly-created shadow ministerial role.

Linda will be an empathetic, strong, and effective advocate for victims and survivors of family and domestic violence.

I am excited to be taking up the fight for young people as Bill Shorten’s shadow assistant minister.

Australians are sick of the Liberals’ war on young people.

Since this arrogant and out-of-touch government was elected in 2013, they have been launching attack after attack on young Australians, including:

  • slashing billions from uni, TAFE and skills funding;
  • cutting homelessness funding, and failing to do what’s needed to make housing more affordable;
  • failing to protect young workers’ penalty rates, which are now being cut;
  • forcing young jobseekers into the exploitative PaTH program.


Federal Labor Welcomes Qld Government Response to Family and Domestic Violence

Federal Labor welcomes the Palaszczuk Government’s announcement of an additional $133 million to respond to family and domestic violence.

I congratulate the Police Minister Mark Ryan and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Di Farmer on the announcement of 24 new specialist Police officers across the state, to be backed with a $133 million commitment to assist victims and survivors.

The announcement of additional refuges is particularly welcome, as is the support for frontline services.

Overall the Palaszczuk Government is investing $328.9 million over six years from 2015-16 to implement the recommendations from the Not Now, Not Ever report.

Federal Labor has committed more than $130 million to respond to family violence. Labor’s commitments include:

  • $88 million for a Safe Housing Fund to increase housing options for women and children escaping domestic and family violence;
  • $43 million for legal assistance in family law proceedings to ensure victims of violence can’t be cross-examined by perpetrators;
  • Providing a workplace right to ten days’ paid domestic violence leave;
  • Making image-based abuse a crime, and criminalising the covert installation of surveillance apps;
  • Reporting to the Parliament on progress addressing family violence as part of the annual gender equality update.

*** If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit In an emergency, call 000***



To Improve Family Law, Family Violence Must Be Addressed

The Attorney-General’s announcement today to combine the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court falls short of addressing family violence, Terri Butler said.

“Family violence features in a high proportion of contested cases – 41%, according to former Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant, and any attempt to overhaul family law courts must acknowledge that,” she said.  

“Real change, not just administrative rearrangement, is needed to respond to this challenge.

“Cross examination reform must happen urgently. To work properly, cross-examination reform must be accompanied by legal assistance funding. That is why Labor has committed to providing more than $40 million to protect victims and survivors from being cross-examined by alleged perpetrators personally – and instead providing for both parties to be legally represented.

“The government must also address judicial resourcing and appointments. Vacancies must be filled and capacity increased. In appointing new judges, the government must address the present underrepresentation of women on the Federal Circuit Court, and must take into account experience in family law, and expertise in relation to, family violence.

“The government must take into account concerns expressed in the recent unanimous Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee report into family law and family violence, including the importance of improving arrangements in relation to family report writers.

“The government must also explain why the courts’ family violence work plan, which expired in 2016, has not yet been updated, and commit to working with the new court to ensure that the family violence best practice principles are kept up to date with contemporary understandings of family violence, informed by the evidence-base being developed under the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children 2010 – 2022,” Terri Butler said.

*** If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit In an emergency, call 000 ***



We Are Union Pride Launch

Terri Butler MP congratulates Victorian Trades Hall on the launch of We Are Union Pride.

“LGBTIQA+ issues have always been union issues,” Terri Butler said.

“From the BLF striking in solidarity with a queer student who was expelled from Robert Menzies College at Macquarie University in the 70s, to unions campaigning for marriage equality during last year’s postal survey, the labour movement has fought for liberation and to end discrimination.

“Now that Australia has marriage equality, I have no doubt We Are Union Pride will continue to fight, pushing for real workplace equality, security, and safety for all LGBTIQA+ people.

“I congratulate all the LGBTIQA+ unionists who have worked to make this happen, and commend Victorian Trades Hall for taking up this initiative,” Terri Butler said.

Ms Butler will be attending the launch party for We Are Union Pride this evening in Melbourne.

FRIDAY, 4 MAY 2018

Paid Domestic and Family Violence Leave should be a priority

With Tanya Plibersek MP & Brendan O'Connor MP

A workplace response to domestic and family violence should be a priority for Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals, not an afterthought.

Labor has been talking about a workplace response to domestic violence for years now. Unfortunately, the Liberals are only just coming to the table and their response is not good enough.

Mr Turnbull and his Liberals do not support introducing paid domestic violence leave into the NES. They see domestic violence leave as a cost to business and, in a terrifying display of how out of touch they are, argue that it will make women less attractive to employers.

In fact in 2016, the Federal Government applied the bargaining policy to prevent public service enterprise agreements in approximately 30 departments (including the Prime Minister’s) providing for paid family violence leave.

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Labor will fight the Liberals’ cuts to Universities in Batman

With Ged Kearney, Labor candidate for Batman

Labor supports La Trobe University, one of the largest employers in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and a proud feature of Batman.

Labor will fight the Turnbull Government’s cuts to universities that will see La Trobe University lose $81 million of Commonwealth funding between 2018 and 2021.

Labor has always defended our universities.

We blocked the Liberals’ harsh university cuts in the 2014 Budget that would have seen the introduction of $100,000 degrees.

We blocked the Liberals’ harsh university cuts again in the 2016 Budget that would have seen universities lose $3.8 billion, and forced students to pay off more debt earlier for a lower quality education.

And again, just before last Christmas when the Liberals’ attempted to bring in a backdoor cut to kill off the demand-driven funding system - Labor declared its opposition.

These latest cuts will hit universities like La Trobe the hardest.

Labor analysis says that La Trobe would face a cut of $81 million between 2018 and 2021 - that's just unacceptable.

And it's not just universities - the Liberals have cut $2.75 billion from TAFE, skills and apprenticeships.

Instead of cutting universities and TAFE, we need to look to the future.

That’s why last month, Labor announced a once in a generation National Inquiry into Post-Secondary Education that will look at every aspect of the vocational and higher education systems, to ensure they can best respond to the needs of Australia’s economy and society.

Labor will continue to stand with universities and students to fight against Mr Turnbull’s cuts.

Only Labor can deliver the opportunity of a high quality post-secondary education system.


Low and middle income Australia hurt most by Liberals' uni cuts

With Tanya Plibersek MP

New analysis has revealed that low and middle income areas of Australia will be hurt most by Malcolm Turnbull’s $2.2 billion of uni cuts.

Western Sydney, Western and outer Melbourne, and outer metro Brisbane and Perth are hit particularly hard.

Because the former Labor Government uncapped uni places, those areas have seen huge increases in the number of students going to uni. 

But that growth will be stopped in its tracks because Mr Turnbull’s cuts have effectively reintroduced a cap on the number of uni places - taking us back to the bad old days of John Howard. 

Labor’s opened the door to uni for hundreds of thousands more Australians, but Malcolm Turnbull has slammed that door shut. 

It’s estimated that around 10,000 people could miss out on a uni place this year because of Mr Turnbull’s cuts.

Some of these Australians would be the first in their family to go to uni, and instead of supporting them, the Liberals are locking them out.   

This is an especially cruel blow to the many Year 12 graduates who studied so hard to get into uni.

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A step closer to PrEP

With Tanya Plibersek MP & Catherine King MP

With the game-changing HIV prevention treatment pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) reportedly set to get the tick of approval from PBAC, the Turnbull Government must commit to making the medicine available to those who need it as soon as possible. 

Reports indicate that the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) will today confirm a positive recommendation for PrEP to be listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. 

This is extremely encouraging news and would be a massive step forward towards ending new HIV transmissions in Australia.

More than 1,000 Australians are still diagnosed with HIV every year, and in some areas we are going backwards. Shockingly, the rate of new infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities is now above the Australian average for the first time ever.

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