South Siders to pay for Abbott’s sneaky GP Tax - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

South Siders to pay for Abbott’s sneaky GP Tax

South Siders are just now discovering the impact Tony Abbott’s GP tax will have on their household budgets and their health, Terri Butler MP said.

“The community rejected the government’s GP tax so Tony Abbott has moved to undermine Medicare by sneaking regulations through the backdoor,” Terri Butler said.

“These changes have not been debated in the parliament and were made at time when most households are spending time with family. 

“Doctors will now receive more than $20 less for some consultations leaving them no choice but to pass that on to patients,” Ms Butler said. 

GPs optometrists and others in Griffith are already advising patients that gap payments for services are increasing. Some services are advising patients that they will no longer bulk bill at all. 

“My office has been contacted by patients who say they can no longer afford to visit their local GP,” Terri Butler said. 

“I have been contacted by practitioners who have had to increase their gap payments just to cover Tony Abbott’s cuts to Medicare rebates.

“This will be made even worse when rebates for all consultations are cut by a further $5 on 1 July 2015.

“Tony Abbott’s attack on Medicare is bad for doctors, bad for patients and bad for our community’s health. 

“I call on the new Health Minister to listen to the community, listen to the experts and dump these changes and stop this attack on Medicare,” Terri Butler said.

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