Southside students face university fee increase

Federal Member for Griffith Terri Butler is calling on the Turnbull government to stop their plans to increase university fees.

“Malcolm Turnbull should not be asking students to foot the bill for his $50 billion tax cut for big business and the banks, especially given company profits soared 65 per cent last year,” Ms Butler said.

“Earlier this week, the Liberals confirmed they will jack up student fees and cut uni funding to pay for a $50 billion big business tax cut.   

“The Liberals have their priorities all wrong. 

“Labor doesn't want young Australians saddled with a big uni debt at the same time as many are trying to buy a house, or start a family.  

 “In Government, Labor lifted overall investment in unis from $8 billion a year in 2007, to $14 billion a year in 2013. 

“If Australia is to have a strong, high productivity economy, we should be investing in education, not cutting it like the Liberals are doing,” Ms Butler said.


Friday 5th May 2017

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