St Clement Melkite Catholic Church - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

St Clement Melkite Catholic Church

TB_GADA_2018_(201_of_269).jpgMrs Chibly and Reverend Father Elie Francis worked together to help and support the new arrival families from Syria and Iraq.

Together, they provided families with the opportunity to engage with community through the Parish, providing friendship and other more practical assistance.

Translating materials for Syrian and Iraqi families was of great service, particularly when much of this correspondence was important official documentation.

Mrs Chibly engaged new arrival children and young adults in many activities, particularly around Christmas time.

Mrs Chibly and Reverend Father Elie Francis have taken families on trips to surrounding areas like Toowoomba, Gold Coast Marian Valley.

They have also put families in touch with important people from MDA, ACCESS and Catholic Education groups.

Put your hands together in congratulating Mrs Chibly and Rev Fr Elie Francis for welcoming refugee families to our community.

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