Support the Bille Brown Theatre project - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Support the Bille Brown Theatre project

The Commonwealth should support the Bille Brown Theatre project. Sign the petition here.

The Bille Brown Theatre project

Above: Queensland Theatre Executive Director Amanda Jolly, Terri Butler MP, and Venue & Operations Supervisor Julian Messer.

Queensland deserves its fair share of federal arts funding.

Queenslanders pay nearly 20 per cent of the nation’s individual taxes but receive only around 6 per cent of core arts funding. We don't get our fair share when it comes to Australia Council grants, either.

The Commonwealth should make a direct financial contribution to Queensland Theatre’s remodelling of the Bille Brown Studio, right here on the Southside.

The Bille Brown Studio project is a milestone for Queensland Theatre, and will provide a more versatile theatre space for local and visiting productions. It's exciting to have the Theatre in our local area, and it's wonderful to see such great locally-developed and produced shows, like My Name is Jimi, and The Longest Minute, telling stories that matter to Queenslanders. The Commonwealth should show its support for our homegrown Queensland talent.

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