Taking STEM Careers to the Classroom this National Science Week - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Taking STEM Careers to the Classroom this National Science Week

Terri Butler MP took part in an effort to increase student interest and engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by joining STEM professionals as they share their stories in classrooms across Australia this morning.

As the nature of work changes, it is more important than ever that students participate and engage in STEM subjects in Australia and that STEM professionals unite to engage students.

The 2018 STEM in Schools event, run by CSIRO, forms part of National Science Week and aims to make STEM careers more visible and relatable by inviting STEM Professionals into the classroom to share their work and their stories.

Seven Hills State School came alive with science as students learned more about the types of STEM careers in their own community. Terri Butler joined the students in the activities, underlining the national importance of STEM for Australia's future.

STEM in Schools events are taking place in more than 350 schools around Australia, with STEM professionals and parliamentarians visiting schools across Australia to conduct activities and share their passion for STEM. The conversation will continue online, with all Australian STEM professionals encouraged to share their STEM stories using #STEMinSchools on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram today.


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