The Liberals want to replace coal power stations with ... coal power stations? - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

The Liberals want to replace coal power stations with ... coal power stations?

The Turnbull government's climbed into the DeLorean and taken us back to the future."

      - Mark Butler, Shadow minister for Climate Change and Energy



I was pretty bemused this week by news that the Liberals want to replace old coal-fired power stations with ... ultra-supercritical coal power stations.

The Liberals say it will cut pollution by 27%.

Mark Butler - the shadow minister - has opposed the Liberals' suggestion. 

Mark cites work from Dylan McConnell from the Climate and Energy College of the University of Melbourne, who has crunched the numbers and found that the government's plan - replacing coal with coal - will cost a whopping $62 billion.

Mark said:

"This is much more than it would cost to achieve the same outcome through renewable energy. This is just one reason AiG and others have pointed out this option is simply not economical and will not happen."

"Investing in renewable energy is the most cost-effective way we can meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement, modernise our electricity sector, and create a secure energy system," Mark said.

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  • Monique Bond
    commented 2017-01-31 07:01:15 +1000
    It is very import for Labor and the Greens to work together on this. There needs to be clear explanations and figures to show how switching to renewable energyies will provide jobs, particularly in the regions. Many people do not realise how powerful a life changer it will be to have a mixture of wind, solar, water, thermal energy as possibilities in their area.

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