The Turnbull government's $2.2 billion Medicare cut - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

The Turnbull government's $2.2 billion Medicare cut

Malcolm Turnbull’s attacks on Medicare continue, with new data confirming his Budget locks in a $2.2 billion cut to GPs, specialists and allied health services.
Data from the independent Parliamentary Budget Office shows the damage done to Medicare from the Liberals’ Medicare freeze is $3.2 billion over the next four years.
The damage is $735 million for the first year alone – that’s $735 million ripped out of the pockets of Australians when they are accessing the health care they need.
In comparison the Government has put in a paltry $9 million towards lifting the freeze next financial year – 1.2% of the funding they have ripped out.
This shows a $2.2 billion shortfall over the next four years, compared to the Government’s pathetic Budget attempt to reverse the cuts.

This is proof that Malcolm Turnbull has simply paid lip-service to caring about health – but has kept his cuts in place for three years.
Medicare rebates were last indexed in July 2014, with the Liberals introducing their Medicare freeze in the 2014 mid-year economic forecast. Australians have been waiting far too long for this to be fixed and they will continue to wait under Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair Budget.
This Budget is an insult to our hardworking doctors, specialists and health professionals and an insult to every Australian who will continue to pay more for critical health care.
While the Government is ripping $2.2 billion out of the rebates paid for GPs, specialists and allied health services Medicare will never be safe.

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