Turnbull government confirms plans to increase the retirement age to 70

The Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter has confirmed that it remains the Turnbull Government’s policy to increase the eligibility age for the Age Pension to 70.

“We’re still committed to raising the pension age in a slow and measured way to 70.”

-       Christian Porter, The Australian, 10 February 2017


Under the Turnbull’s Government’s plan, Australians born after 1 January 1966 will have to work until they’re 70 before they can access the Age Pension.

Malcolm Turnbull and Christian Porter want to give Australia the oldest pension age in the developed world.

Malcolm Turnbull should come out and tell Australians currently in their 40s and early 50s that they will have to wait until they’re 70 before they are eligible for the Age Pension.

Labor has consistently opposed the Government’s plan since it was first proposed in the horror 2014 Budget. 

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