Turnbull government pulls the plug on NBN rollout data - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Turnbull government pulls the plug on NBN rollout data

Labor's Mark Dreyfus was in the news this week, taking it up to the Liberals about their latest moves to leave Australians in the dark on the NBN.

Under Labor, rollout to the Southside electorate of Griffith was scheduled for late 2013. But the Liberals got in and scrapped those plans. So we're still waiting.

Even under the Liberals, the NBN website used to at least provide us with information about the technology they'd be rolling out. Under Labor, it was to be fibre to the home. But when the Liberals scrapped the rollout plans they also decided to go with inferior technology - fibre to the box on the street, or worse, the cables used for pay TV.  Until recently, the Liberals were honest enough to tell us which of those we'd be getting.

But not any more.

The NBN website used to show that our suburbs would be getting the second-rate version of the Liberals' second-rate NBN. Now, it doesn't even say that!

I ran the new search on the NBN's website, using my home address at Morningside. Try it for yourself here. This is the answer I got:

"nbn is committed to completing the rollout by 2020. We expect to have more information about availability in your area soon. You can check your address again at any time or register and we will keep you informed with regular updates."

That's a fob off in anyone's language! And this from a Prime Minister who'd previously said everyone would have 25 mbps by 2016. 

The Liberals' faux NBN is laughable. Compared with Labor's version, it's twice as expensive, it's taking twice as long, and it's half as good. 

This is serious: slow broadband damages our international competitiveness and is bad for our economy, and for our kids' ability to get the skills they'll need for the jobs of the future.

That's why I'll keep advocating for decent internet speeds for our area.

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