Turnbull govt spends only 1.5% of allocated funding for women's safety initiative - Terri Butler MP, Labor for Griffith

Turnbull govt spends only 1.5% of allocated funding for women's safety initiative

More than one year after Malcolm Turnbull announced his Women’s Safety Package, one of its key initiatives remains virtually unused.

Back in September 2015, the Turnbull government committed $12 million for ‘the trial of the use of innovative technology to keep women safe.

But the government has today confirmed during questioning that, more than a year later, only one project has been announced under that measure, with funding of $180,000.00.

That’s only 1.5 per cent of the total.

It’s clear that the remaining $11,820,000.00 has not yet gone towards keeping women safe.

This was a major measure under the Women’s Safety Package but as is so often the case, the Turnbull government is big on talk but small on delivery,” she said.

The Minister claims to have another nine unannounced projects in the wings. But it has been more than a year since the measure was announced. 

Back in September 2015 Malcolm Turnbull claimed this funding would go to things like GPS trackers for perpetrators.

13 months later the lone announced project is South Australia’s worthy and innovative D3 initiative. But as yet there’s no GPS trackers for perpetrators or other innovative technology of this kind.  

The Turnbull government needs to stop being a laggard and deliver.

During consideration in detail for the appropriations bills today, Minister Porter confirmed that the only project that had been announced to date under this initiative from the Women’s Safety Package was the D3 initiative in South Australia.


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