Why is Australia boycotting nuclear disarmament talks in NY today?

Labor calls on the Government to explain why Australia is the only country in the region to boycott negotiations for a new global nuclear weapons treaty.

Up to 120 nations are expected to take part in the talks in New York on Monday, but the Turnbull government has decided Australia will not once again not have our voice heard. 

This follows last year's decision by the Turnbull government to have Australia vote at the United Nations against proposal for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. 

That UN vote demonstrated a strong commitment to the global movement to ban nuclear weapons with 123 nations supporting the resolution.

Labor supports effective and feasible action toward non-proliferation and disarmament, and will continue to actively pursue a path toward these objectives  

Labor shares international frustrations with the pace of disarmament and we remain committed to the cause of eliminating nuclear weapons.

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