Busting traffic congestion

I'm fighting to bust traffic congestion and get the Southside's roads moving again. Will you join the campaign?

The Cavendish Road level crossing

The level crossing at Coorparoo must be removed.

It is a major traffic snarl on the Southside. It's headache for Southsiders, especially during peak hour.

The Commonwealth should make a contribution towards the removal of this crossing, in order to keep locals safe, and bust traffic congestion on the Southside.

Will you sign my petition for funding to remove the Cavendish Road level crossing?

Get traffic off the roads by funding public transport

Labor will build Cross River Rail, and help bust traffic congestion. I’ve consistently been a strong advocate for this project, and for securing federal funds. If elected a Shorten Labor government will commit $2.24 billion to Cross River Rail. Find out more here.

The current government should meet Labor's Cross River Rail commitment. They've been completely hopeless when it comes to this high-priority project ever since the federal funding came off the table when they were first elected.

Will you sign my petition calling on the current government to meet Labor's commitment?

Coorparoo Junction

Since the construction of Coorparoo Square, there has been increased demand on the roads around Coorparoo Junction. Council has a responsibility to ensure roads and traffic management systems are adequate and can cope with increased demand.

There is no plan currently in place to fix the area around Coorparoo Junction, and the current Councillor is not advocating on behalf of the community for action.

That's why I'm working with Matt Campbell, Labor's candidate for Coorparoo Ward at the 2020 Council elections, and Joe Kelly MP, State Member for Greenslopes, to take action and advocate for better services for our community.

Will you sign Matthew Campbell's petition calling for action?