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Southsiders need JobKeeper

July 10, 2020

Federal Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP has launched a community campaign calling on Scott Morrison not to cancel JobKeeper too early.

Terri Butler said cancelling the $1500 fortnightly JobKeeper wage subsidy too early could mean:

  • Up to 6785 businesses in the Griffith electorate may be forced to close their doors;
  • Approximately 25784 workers may be forced into unemployment; and
  • Up to $38,676,000 could be ripped out of the local economy each and every fortnight.

Terri Butler said cancelling JobKeeper too early would be devastating for the Southside.

“Just as people are starting to get back on their feet, cancelling JobKeeper too early would have a devastating impact on local businesses and households," she said.

"Our community simply cannot afford the early cancellation of the $1500 fortnightly JobKeeper wage subsidy.

“When I talk to local small business owners and workers, across the Southside, they tell me that JobKeeper is helping their businesses survive and keeping people in work.

“I’ve been extremely proud of the way our community has been looking out for one another in recent times.

“I’m asking everyone to again come together and send a strong message to Scott Morrison and the Liberals not to cancel JobKeeper too early,” she said.

To send Scott Morrison and the Liberals a message not to cancel JobKeeper too early, visit www.DontCancelJobKeeperEarly.com.au to sign the petition.